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Gain control of your fleet with specialized GPS fleet management solutions from CodeAir.

We use features like real-time geolocation, Internet of Things connectivity, advanced algorithms, and efficient computing technology to bring our customers the greatest experience possible. Our custom fleet management software development services let businesses get insights from location data, increase fleet efficiency, and provide a better experience to fleet managers and end customers. Do you want to develop custom fleet management software to ensure vehicle condition, examine driver behavior, and know the vehicle’s fuel consumption patterns? Let’s start with CodeAir.

Looking for fleet management solutions to optimize your business performance?

Our Fleet Management Software Development Solutions

Our fleet management solutions provide smart & intelligent fleet management to power up the performance of your business. We personalize your fleet management app with the services you need most, including

Fleet Maintenance

CodeAir provides comprehensive fleet maintenance software management solutions to save time and money. Our services include maintenance, scheduling, alerting, out-of-order alerts, and repair order tracking. We can help keep your fleet in top condition, so you can focus on running your business.

Fleet Tracking

We provide top-quality fleet tracking software management solutions including real-time tracking of vehicles, fleet availability, fuel consumption tracking, etc. The software provides complete visibility and control over all the vehicles in the fleet, and its comprehensive reports improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

Dispatch Management

We provide a comprehensive dispatch management software solution that includes route calculation and optimization, automated vehicle assignment, and service tracking. This enables businesses to optimize their resources. We also provide real-time tracking of vehicles. The software is highly customized and can be easily integrated with existing systems.

Accident Detection & Claim Management

We provide reliable and efficient accident detection and claim management solutions. Our team of experts utilizes automated detection technologies to identify collisions accurately and quickly generate detailed reports for our clients. We also work with trusted repair partners to ensure quick and accurate repairs.

Route Optimization & Geofencing

Our optimal route planning solution improves efficiency and saves on costs. Our Route Optimization & Geofencing service considers your specific business needs and delivers a detailed route schedule that minimizes travel time and distance while maximizing customer visits. With real-time notifications, you can keep track of your team's progress.

Budgeting & Expense Management

CodeAir provides an excellent budgeting and expense management solution that can help you save money on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle insurance. We can help you optimize your fuel usage, schedule regular vehicle maintenance, and get the best possible rates on vehicle insurance. Our service can help you save money.

How Is CodeAir Adding Value To Your Business?

For the past 8 years, our team’s domain knowledge and expertise have enabled us to serve diverse businesses from different industries and of different sizes.

From startups to big enterprises, development organizations to digital agencies, and SMEs to Governments, we cater to all their varied requirements. Our commitment to quality and safety has enabled us to lead the market, becoming the top dApps development service company.

Experienced software developers
Cost-effective services
IP-rights protection
Flexible engagement options
Smooth communication
Best development practices
On-time delivery
Large pool of varied talent
ISO 9001:2008 certified processes
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Fleet Management Challenges We Solve

We help organizations create perfect fleet tracking solutions to promote innovation, simplify operations, and lower costs, so they’ll always win in the market by solving the following challenges.

For Fleet Owners

CodeAir helps fleet owners streamline operations and compliance processes. We can provide a complete picture of a company’s vehicles, pallets, and other assets to let managers see potential issues and correct them before they result in expensive problems.

Fleet Management Service Providers

We help reduce expenses on ready-made software products. We also help implement custom functionality specific to your business needs. Our development team ensures to meet all your requirements.

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What are the benefits of having custom fleet management software?

Future success will only come to those fleet management companies that adopt a forward-looking approach to vehicle management software development today. Every fleet management, delivery, and mobility company will leverage technology to meet its business needs.
Getting your fleet management app development strategy early will keep you ahead of the competition. This custom fleet management app helps simplify fragmented fleet management and puts data into a coherent whole, making life easier for fleet managers.

We can customize fleet management software for specific purposes, like scaling fleets, budgeting, controlling expenses, and planning new routes and services. Apart from building your fleet management software from scratch, you can find existing solutions, customize them to include your preferred features, and integrate them with advanced platforms.

Some of the many benefits of having custom fleet management software are listed below:

  • Cost Savings – Custom software can reduce fuel costs, maintenance costs, and other AVL-related (automatic vehicle location) expenses
  • Better customer service – Happy customers lead to repeat business and referrals
  • Increased efficiency – Well-run fleet operations improve employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing stress levels
  • Improved safety – By incorporating GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and real-time alerts, custom software can help keep your employees safe while on the job.

What should be included in fleet management software?

With a fleet management application, you can prioritize visibility, transparency, and collaboration when managing your fleet.

Fleet management software’s essential features include GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, hours of service (HOS) compliance, route planning, performance analysis, remote maintenance and diagnostics, road safety monitoring, fuel consumption analytics, and ease of integration with other services.

Some of the other important things to include in the fleet management software include:

1. Comprehensive vehicle tracking and mapping capabilities. GPS tracking is a must-have for any fleet manager since it allows you to see exactly where your vehicles are. Look for software with real-time tracking capabilities and interactive maps that make it easy to track multiple vehicles at once.

2. Maintenance and repair schedule. Keeping your vehicles well-maintained is crucial to keeping them on the road and avoiding costly repairs. Look for software that can help you schedule routine maintenance tasks and track.


How will a fleet management system increase revenue?

To increase fleet revenue, it is vital to use fleets as efficiently as possible. For this, fleet managers should be diligent about getting the most out of every vehicle in the fleet.

Fleet managers can reduce expenses by monitoring and adjusting fuel consumption. Money spent on vehicles, not on the road, can apply to other operational processes, increasing efficiency.

The key to increasing your profit in years to come is improving fleet utilization. To accomplish this, optimize delivery routes, increasing the number of deliveries for each vehicle based on its location.

Fleet management software for vehicles can boost performance and efficiency and simplify predicting vehicle maintenance needs. This increases efficiency for your fleet, which, in turn, increases revenue.

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We adhere to coding standards and employ all-round software testing to maintain a quality management system at the level required by ISO 9001. Your software development plans are not stuck with the lack of internal expertise and resources. A mature and reliable software development company, CodeAir can:

Take on end-to-end software development.
Provide software design services covering UX and UI.
Deliver application development services for web, mobile and desktop apps.
Offer staff to cover expertise gaps in a software development project.
Improve the software by modernizing, re-architecting, re-coding, redesigning it.
Deliver new functionality, design features, integrations.
Audit and fix software bugs.
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We have a team of experienced platform specific software development experts who can help you get started with the development from scratch or take your project to the next level.

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You should choose CodeAir for fleet management software solutions for many reasons. Some of the reasons include:

1. Experienced development team: Our developers are experts in their field and will work with you to ensure that the software meets your specific needs
2. Customized solution: We will work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.
3. Affordable pricing: We offer affordable pricing for our services to get the best value for your money
4. Fast turnaround time: We can provide a fast turnaround time so you can get up and run quickly
5. Use of the best development methodology: Our development process is based on the agile method, which allows us to adapt quickly to changes and deliver high-quality software solutions within tight deadlines
6. Proven track record: We have a proven track record of delivering successful software projects for clients in the transportation industry

Discuss your specific needs with us, and we will help you develop the perfect solution for your business.

As part of our fleet management application development services, we offer flexible and adjustable pricing models with the option to combine different engagement models for specific services. Each engagement is unique, and estimates for fleet management software development services will vary depending on the complexity of the project and your level of involvement in managing your project team.

At CodeAir, we tweak an existing fleet management software or work with our customers to create an entirely new one from scratch. With our experts, you can be sure your existing systems and those yet to come are in good hands.

We help you integrate third-party services and platforms via APIs and apply open-source development practices to develop cutting-edge vehicle management software.

Our product design and implementation strategy helps customers build custom fleet management apps from scratch, covering UI/UX design, architecture, and end-to-end fleet management software development.

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