GDPR Compliance

The European Union (EU) has introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the fundamental right to privacy of EU residents effective from 25th May 2018. Astringent yet essential law to be enforced by the EU is made to date on how EU citizens’ and residents’ personal data is lawfully collected, processed and stored.

CodeAir’ Commitment

CodeAir looks at GDPR as an opportunity to tighten its controls and strengthen in areas of high criticality. Since 2015, we have worked tirelessly at delivering customer success which is built on pillars of trust, honesty, dependability, and transparency. We intend to deepen our bond of trust with our customers and partners and create a wider net of accountability and transparency, not just with EU nations but across the world.

We, the CodeAir family is working at its best to be compliant with GDPR and feel privileged and responsible at the same time to maintain the sanctity of your data. We are committed to serving you in the best possible manner and continue to build our relationship on pillars of Transparency and integrity which forms the core of our corporate philosophy. In our continued efforts to become GDPR compliant, we have updated our policy to help you navigate and understand your privacy and rights better.

Please take a moment to glance through our policy here. Additionally, you can update your preferences with us and stay in complete control of your data. In this data-driven world, CodeAir’ Commitment is committed to the rudiments of securing personal data by ensuring privacy, security, confidentiality, integrity and availability and is revitalizing its systems, processes and approach to serve its clients better without compromising their information.

CodeAir’ Approach To Compliance

Being an ISO compliant organization, we have employed robust measures to ensure we maintain a high level of security and compliance with your data. More importantly, we are determined at becoming fully GDPR compliant by adopting a systematically-designed approach to ensure data privacy and information security.

Adopt Consent Management Mechanism and address all the rights of the data subjects
Make the pertinent changes to reassure the privacy and protection of data
Update our privacy policies based on the PIA
GDPR awareness trainings
Identification of personal data / personally identifiable information (PII) of data subject
Application server migration
Release our GDPR framework
Revise our customer agreements as per GDPR compliance
Periodic Trainings
Periodic review of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
Enhancement of security measures based on PIA
Periodic analysis of measurable objectives
Periodic analysis of measurable objectives