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Our Logistics & Transportation Software Development Expertise

Being a logistics app development company, we specialize in building complex logistics and transportation apps that help leading brands across the globe

CodeAir is a leading logistics & transportation software development company in India. We offer the best logistic solutions, such as cloud computing, route analyzing & location tracking software, to both start-ups and large enterprises.We build full-service logistics and transportation solutions that provide a track for resources and events and confirm performance and profitability.

Workflow Automation

CodeAir has years of experience in deploying blockchain solutions into logistics & transportation app development that helps businesses increase their customer loyalty, and security, and also improve contract management

Data Analytics

Our data analytic experts analyze large volumes of unstructured data from a range of sources to create interactive dashboards accessible to non-tech users

IoT Solutions

Our IoT experts develop connected solutions for monitoring and predictive maintenance of logistics and transportation types of equipment

Our expert in logistics and transportation industry development among various platforms deliver tailored, secure, scalable, and intuitive web apps design for businesses of all sizes.

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Our Logistics & Transportation Software Development Services

At CodeAir, we have logistics and transport software development teams who are experts in creating business solutions according to the specific requirements of the client


E-Booking & Ticketing System

Unlock interactive booking and ticketing experiences induced with artificial intelligence and cloud computing

Booking, reservations, ticketing services app
GEO based AI development for mobile apps
High-quality, photo-realistic renders, and portals

On-Demand Travel Apps

Build on-demand travel apps with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, and powerful analytics panels that are robust and scalable

Taxi booking and ride-sharing apps
Travel information exchange systems
Vehicle rental booking & virtual tour apps

AR/VR-Based App Development

Build augmented and virtual reality-based apps to help users define their travel destinations and find out more

AR-based travel planning and guide apps
Travel management solutions
Virtual tours and AR-based GPS apps

Travel Mobility Solutions

Specially developed for hotels and restaurants, hospitality mobility apps are the next generation thing

Room selection, customer service, and kiosks
Travel management solutions
Auto check-in, seat booking & food ordering apps

Custom Travel ERP Solutions

Manage and integrate transportation workflow with our ERP solution that initiates better fleet management, budgeting, invoicing, and much more

Fleet management & budgeting apps
Vehicle tracking and invoicing apps
Transportation workflow management apps

Why Choose CodeAir For Logistics & Transportation Software Development?

CodeAir is a top leading logistics & transportation software development company in India that has 8+ years of experience in delivering best-in-class services to businesses, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and large businesses across the globe.
We have a track record of creating more than 1200 projects for over 500 customers with a 97% client retention rate in 40+ countries. We deploy advanced technologies to offer customized, innovative, and reliable solutions that help clients add value to their business.

 Logistics analytics
Logistics analytics
 160 man hours guaranteed
160 man hours guaranteed
First time right process
First time right process
Real-time tracking solutions
Real-time tracking solutions
 No contract lock-ins
No contract lock-ins
 On time delivery
On time delivery
Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
 IP-rights protection
IP-rights protection

Our Lean-Agile Methodology

The software development roadmap designed only for your business success.

On-Demand Team Hiring Model

We proudly occupy the top slot in being one of the best software testing companies. We have witnessed the release of feature-packed software apps that win markets constantly. You can explore our other testing models here:

Dedicated Team
(also known as product engineering teams)

It is an expert autonomous team comprising of different roles (e.g. project manager, software engineers, QA engineers, and other roles) capable of delivering technology solutions rapidly and efficiently. The roles are defined for each specific project and management is conducted jointly by a Scrum Master and the client's product owner.

Team Augmentation
(aka team extension or staff augmentation)

Suitable for every scale of business and project, team augmentation helps add required talent to you team to fill the talent gap. The augmented team members work as part of your local or distributed team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers. This helps businesses scale immediately and on-demand.

Project Based
(best suited for small-mid scale projects)

Fixed Price Model:
When project specifications, scope, deliverables and acceptance criteria are clearly defined, we can evaluate and offer a fixed quote for the project. This is mostly suitable for small-mid scale projects with well documented specifications.

Time & Material Model:
Suitable for projects that have undefined or dynamic scope requirements or complicated business requirements due to which the cost estimation is not possible. Therefore, developers can be hired per their time.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

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 : Brand Short Description Type Here.
 : Brand Short Description Type Here.
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 : Brand Short Description Type Here.
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Brand Name : Brand Short Description Type Here.
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Start Your Project

We adhere to coding standards and employ all-round software testing to maintain a quality management system at the level required by ISO 9001. Your software development plans are not stuck with the lack of internal expertise and resources. A mature and reliable software development company, CodeAir can:

Take on end-to-end software development.
Provide software design services covering UX and UI.
Deliver application development services for web, mobile and desktop apps.
Offer staff to cover expertise gaps in a software development project.
Improve the software by modernizing, re-architecting, re-coding, redesigning it.
Deliver new functionality, design features, integrations.
Audit and fix software bugs.
Choosing an Optimal Pace for Your Project: Scrum development, Kanban development, Waterfall development


We have a team of experienced platform specific software development experts who can help you get started with the development from scratch or take your project to the next level.

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Yes, we develop mobile-friendly automotive apps. Our team of experienced developers can create an app that is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for users to interact with your car or truck from their smartphones.

However, not all app users have the same needs. So while some app users might prefer a simplified and streamlined interface, others might want more comprehensive functionality.

We deliver all kinds of automotive software development services globally to our clients, including:

  • Resource management apps
  • AI-based ADA systems
  • Online invoicing apps
  • Door lock apps
  • Instrument cluster apps

CodeAir knows that every business needs the right software to get its job done. That’s why they design, build and deliver user-centric automotive applications for all types of organizations—including enterprises, startups, or large companies with varying requirements.

Here is the list of software used to develop Automobile industry solutions:

  • ERP software
  • CRM software
  • Vehicle navigation software
  • Autopilot software
  • Security software

Ans. We guarantee product quality by using several best practices throughout the software development process. We use various tools and techniques to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

We work on an Agile model and evaluate the result every two weeks; we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), present it to you and apply your feedback, so you know you are getting what you are paying for.

Some of the ways we guarantee product quality include:

– Thoroughly testing products before release
– Providing ongoing support and maintenance
– Constantly improving product development processes

These are just a few of the ways that CodeAir guarantees product quality. We are always looking for new ways to improve and ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

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