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Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our dedicated coders who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions:


Tell us in brief about your ideas and needs. Don’t worry! It’s secure and confidential

Select CV

Shortlist candidates who best fit your needs by viewing their CVs


Optionally, assess candidates over a phone or video call

Add resources to your team

If you like the resource(s), pay for the trial time and onboard resource(s)

We understand that communication is the key to ensuring successful remote work. We allow both parties to communicate via email, call, Skype, etc. Also, we train our resources so that the communication stays clear and smooth.

Yes, since we offer dedicated resources and ensure transparency between the two parties, you will have complete control over your hired team.

We will set up a dedicated and well-versed team for your project within a few days after the project acquisition.

The hired coder work for 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month. However, we are open to an extension when requirements are urgent.

Yes, you can test our skills before making a final move.

Yes, all of our developers communicate well in English.

Yes, If you know the task to get done from the developer, then you can hire a developer on an hourly or project/task base. Even we give the flexibility to change the hiring model at a later stage.

No problem. We can assign an alternate developer if the developer is sick or on an extended holiday. If any developer wants to leave the company, then we have three months notice period time. In that time we manage to transfer the knowledge base to another developer, and none of our client’s work gets suffered.

Yes! We have flexibility in the contract, we provide developers on a weekly and monthly bases.

Yes, we provide many white-label software development services, including business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Get in touch with our experts to know more about white label software services.

A Peer Review practice is a part of our standard development process. Another application resource continuously verifies any code developed by an application resource. Only after verification is the software released for testing. This practice is applicable only when the customer hires more than one developer.

We have a standard procedure for handling change requests from our customers. Firstly, we seek their approval for any change request. After the customer approves the request, we do an impact analysis. This allows us to deliver the timelines and cost estimates to the customer. Once the customer agrees on the estimates, we implement the changes.

Yes, we have a hierarchy so that every developer, junior or senior, has a senior mentor or peers who are always there to assist. You need not worry about the hurdles until there is any dependency from your end, such as existing code access or any third-party sign-ups. If you have hired a dedicated developer from us, we will take responsibility for providing the best performance output.

Our workforce is working from home during this time and using communication tools such as Google meet, Skype, etc. Hence, we are apt to fulfill commitments and promises while delivering high-quality services that we are known for.

We sign NDA before starting the project and adhere to it to the end. If in case there is a violation, we take full responsibility for it.

If you are looking for a company with the best software developers and getting quality delivery cost-effectively, it is better to go for a mid-scale Indian company. The company should have: 1) At least 5-10 years of industry experience 2) Have built at least 200+ apps 3) A team of more than 10+ software developers 4) Clients in more than ten countries You can choose CodeAir, an Indian company with more than 8 years of experience and delivered 1200+ projects to 500+ clients globally.
Yes, if a client is dissatisfied with a particular staff for a specified period, then CodeAir ensure free and timely replacement.
Though our developers work according to Indian Standard Time (+0530 UTC), we schedule meetings at a time that is convenient for the client. We maintain this for all our clients, including 95% of them who are from overseas.
You will be billed monthly, based on the start date of your worker. You can pay this using PayPal, Wire Transfer or any leading credit card.
No, we are not providing marketing services yet, however going to start soon.
There are several tools that give us the ability to create a virtual office, even allowing for real-time face-to-face communication! There are several tools available nowadays to mimic local office presence. Many of us use ourselves on a day-to-day basis. Hence, you might not even feel that you are managing remote staff.
We can fill a variety of roles for the web & mobile domain.
We can fill a variety of roles for the web & mobile domain.
We can do it at your request after settling all details. The payment (or a free option) depends on your pilot project requirements and scope. Contact our manager for more details.
We have various bands of developers with experience ranging from 1 year – 10 years; however, most of our developers are in the experience range of 3-5 years.
Yes, we would; depending on the project and team size, the discount amount would vary.

CodeAir employs a five-stage talent vetting process to ensure we have the right staff to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Profile Screening & Shortlisting

Our experts carefully screen and review thousands of applications against the minimum criteria. We consider every aspect, including professional history and holistic background check, before deciding if a candidate is a good fit.

Language Proficiency

The AI-powered communication assessment tests your writing, reading, pronunciation, and language clarity. It also measures how quickly you speak any language to determine if it is a good fit for the position or not!

Aptitude Evaluation

The scientifically designed aptitude test will measure the reasoning and problem-solving abilities of the candidates.

Technical Assessment

We have a stringent technical assessment that will test your knowledge of different topics in technology so we can find out who is the most competent!

One-on-One Panel Interview

We have a team of experts who conduct the final video interview, understanding your preferences and expectations.

Yes, when you hire a developer from CodeAir, you get a dedicated resource who will work only for you.

We have full-time developers; hence, they do not leave so easily. However, we are always ready with backups, so you don’t have to face any inconveniences.

No, you can hire as many developers as needed or as few. It depends on the work and project.

For sure. With the “Hire a team” model, you will have direct access to a software development team. You just need to pick your team, assign the tasks, and discuss the same in a sprint. This business model is most advisable for CTO/ technical people and enterprise-level firms who want constant changes in the system.

We have our own development center in Durg, Bhopal & Indore; India. We do not sub-contract.

Yes!  Like all other regular in-house employees, the developer you hire will work full-time only for you.

What should be the minimum size of a team, I have to hire?

There is no restriction on hiring. You can hire a single developer or team of developers based on your business requirement. If you are not sure what you need, please drop an email at sales@codeair.in.

Yes. We will definitely replace your developer if we see that there is a performance issue on the developer’s end.

The number of resources employed for a project depends entirely on the scale and complexity of the project. In addition, each project will have a Technical Architect, Business Analyst, and Project Manager. We can increase the number of resources depending on the customer/project requirements.

This clause is covered in the IP contract, and NDA is also signed between CodeAir and the customer specifying the same. The same clause is also covered in the contract signed between CodeAir and its employees. In addition, we audit our processes and train employees regularly. These efforts ensure that our customers’ intellectual property is always secure.

We provide the SRS documentation to the client. The code will have comments to facilitate easy comprehension. Our documentation is comprehensive and self-explanatory.

Also, we will provide end-user documentation if the clause is included in the work contract and quoted by CodeAir.

Maximum client satisfaction is the top priority at CodeAir. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your project. Also, you can change your team or any specific developer if you are not happy with their performance.

Yes, the assigned developer will work as your employee; therefore, if you have any existing team or have plans to hire more developers from another source, our developer will work as a part of one team. He will also be responsible for tasks that will be assigned to him/her.

When employees access remote servers and perform tasks using potentially sensitive information outside the office, all bets are off unless appropriate action is considered. Hence, we have taken the following precautions to maintain data safety:
– Working on home networks
– Disable remote access
– Latest router software
– Anti-virus protected systems

When you hire Indian developers & programmers on a monthly contract from us, then we collect monthly payments from you. We accept payment via bank wire transfer, online credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Once the resources are on board, each client is assigned a project manager/coordinator and is provided free of charge for communication. He acts as a single point of contact for regular communication and query resolution.

No, there are no hidden/additional costs for hiring dedicated resources.

CodeAir ensures each client gets timesheet reports along with complete access to the project management tool at a frequency decided by the client.

Since we only assign our in-house staff to work with your remote staff, we can offer you resumes for selection within 48 hrs and assign them within one week of signing the contract.

We will check in with you at regular intervals to ensure that you are happy with the performance of your remote staff. At any time, if their performance suffers, we would ask that you try to resolve the situation just as you would with any other employee. However, if those efforts do not produce the desired results and performance is still lacking, we will replace them. No questions asked.

We are here for you throughout the entire process, not just the sourcing and selection process. We will check in at regular intervals to ensure that things are operating as per your plan, and we will also check in at regular intervals with your remote staff. We take full responsibility for our worker’s presence and performance and pride ourselves on always staying on top of that. You will always know what is happening. Communication is the key to success.

The main aim and benefit of outsourcing is value increase for your company. We achieve this through a higher business process level, considerable cost reduction, and shorter project delivery time.

Every project is unique. A dedicated team is the best choice to carefully deal with your special requirements and features specified by your business needs, end-users, and personal preferences. Outsourcing your project to an offshore development team is delegating it to experts in the area who have established schemes for effective software development. The flexibility in managing and staff augmentation an ODT guarantees high ROI and top-quality results.

Lead time would be seven days, depending on the technology, and experience required.

We have a well-defined communication and management process. This includes PM tools like Zoho, Jira and communication tools like Skype, Slack, and Google meet.

CodeAir, being a leading software engineering services company, provides a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Our offshore software developers have worked with 2500+ clients globally and still counting. We cover startups to Fortune 500 companies to deliver robust and reliable software solutions.

Our company offers a 2-week trial to all our clients worldwide. This is to give our potential customers a risk-free way to try out our software development services. We strongly believe in our products and services, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience firsthand the value that we can bring.

There is no catch – if you’re satisfied with the results of the trial, we hope you’ll decide to work with us on a regular basis. If not, there’s no obligation to continue working together. We just want to give you the opportunity to see what we can do and decide if we’re the right fit.

All you need to do is sign up for an account via form fill. This will make you able to get connected with our software consultants immediately. We hope that you’ll take advantage of this offer and give us a chance to show you what we can do.

There are a few key factors that set our company apart from other staffing and recruitment firms in the industry.

First and foremost, we focus heavily on providing software consulting, outsourced software development, and digital transformation services to clients. This allows us to be much more efficient and streamlined in our recruiting process, as we can target candidates with the specific skills and experience that we know our clients are looking for.

Another key difference is our use of advanced data and analytics throughout the recruitment process. We track data points related to skills, experience, education, success rates, etc. This allows us to continually refine and optimize our process so that we can place the best candidates with our clients – which results in higher satisfaction rates all around.

Lastly, we have a team of experienced developers who can help you with all your software development needs. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our services. On the other hand, other staffing/recruitment firms may not have the same depth of experience or resources, which can make it difficult for them to provide the same level of service.

Contact us - For project discussion

Once you fill out this form, our sales representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Yes, we develop mobile-friendly automotive apps. Our team of experienced developers can create an app that is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for users to interact with your car or truck from their smartphones.

However, not all app users have the same needs. So while some app users might prefer a simplified and streamlined interface, others might want more comprehensive functionality.

We deliver all kinds of automotive software development services globally to our clients, including:

  • Resource management apps
  • AI-based ADA systems
  • Online invoicing apps
  • Door lock apps
  • Instrument cluster apps

CodeAir knows that every business needs the right software to get its job done. That’s why they design, build and deliver user-centric automotive applications for all types of organizations—including enterprises, startups, or large companies with varying requirements.

Here is the list of software used to develop Automobile industry solutions:

  • ERP software
  • CRM software
  • Vehicle navigation software
  • Autopilot software
  • Security software

Ans. We guarantee product quality by using several best practices throughout the software development process. We use various tools and techniques to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

We work on an Agile model and evaluate the result every two weeks; we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), present it to you and apply your feedback, so you know you are getting what you are paying for.

Some of the ways we guarantee product quality include:

– Thoroughly testing products before release
– Providing ongoing support and maintenance
– Constantly improving product development processes

These are just a few of the ways that CodeAir guarantees product quality. We are always looking for new ways to improve and ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

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